1. Bulk chemical product transportation
    Transportation of bulk chemical products is a difficult and dangerous process, so it has to be given into the hands of the professionals. UAB HEFAS (Ltd.) specializes at chemical product transportation. This process requires a lot of responsibility and sophistication in technical sphere. Chemical products can show various qualities harmful to humans and the environment so it is very important to choose the vessel for carrying properly, and to know all the technicalities which a driver carrying chemical products has to follow. Tankers for transporting chemical products have to have a proper and adjusted equipment, and the staff needs to be certified and to know the job very well. We offer to our clients our own transport and also transport of our partners, which involves chemical tanker trucks customized to carry ADR products such as vitriol, saline, oil, chemical waste, alcohol, peroxide, pesticides, ethanol and other aggressive chemicals. We also use chemical tanker trucks to carry some products which are not that aggressive, such as latex, paraffin, and base oil. Whether you want to transport a product that could be called a dangerous cargo or simply any other liquid cargo, UAB HEFAS (Ltd.) team guarantees a safe and professional logistic decision.
  2. Oil product transportation
    Special tanker trucks are used for the oil product transportation, which carry petroleum, diesel or jet fuel. UAB HEFAS (Ltd.) can offer services of oil product transportation by tank trucks in Lithuania and abroad. Oil product transporting tank trucks follow all technical requirements and ADR cargo transportation rules of Lithuania and foreign countries. The experience of our team in this field will help to pick a proper transport for you and to organize transportation of certain product. Our, and our partners’ transport supply allows us to work with big companies and to fully provide a proper transport. Working with verified partners only, we can guarantee a high quality of the service provided.
  3. Food product transportation
    UAB HEFAS (Ltd.) transports bulk liquid food products by tanker trucks and containers in Lithuania, European Union, Russia, Belarus. We work with the companies for which a continuous food product supply line is crucial in order to guarantee the successful economic activity. Food tank trucks are customized to carry many food products such as colza, sunflower, soy, coconut, flax or other oils, various syrups, juice concentrates, chocolate, cider, wine or alcohol. The majority of the transport offered meets the high-level requirements, and the technical equipment guarantees a safe transportation of food products. If you want to transport food products by tank trucks, contact us and we will offer you the best logistic decision. UAB HEFAS (Ltd.) transports the food products which are classified as ADR products and which require special tankers or containers for carriage.
  4. Powdery good transportation

    UAB HEFAS (Ltd.) can offer you special tanker trucks for carriage of powdery goods. Our staff will pick for you a proper tank truck, also known as silo truck, and will deliver the cargo to a required place. Trucks carrying powdery cargo are equipped with compressors and can unload the cargo to containers. Only technically ordered tank trucks for powdery goods are offered to our clients. Contact us if you want to transport powdery cargo and we will make a commercial offer.

  5. Gas transportation

    UAB HEFAS (Ltd.) offers gas transportation services to their clients. We can transport the cargo by tanker trucks to the regions of the European Union, Russia and Belarus. Gas tank trucks meet all the requirements for this sphere.

  6. Freight forwarding
    Freight forwarding is one of the spheres of UAB HEFAS (Ltd.) economic activity. We work with many companies of Lithuania, Europe, Russia and Belarus which are engaged in transportation by tanker trucks. Our experience and working with the partners allows us to offer to our clients only those companies which are working in this area for a number of years, have an insurance of their practice and transport, and posses a good name in the market. If you want to know the rates of transportation or you are looking for a job perspectives for the transport you own (chemical tankers, tankers for oil or other products, and containers) contact HEFAS (Ltd.) and we will make a job offer for the transport you own. We guarantee the high quality of the service, and the bulk cargo being delivered in time.