Chemical liquids logistics

Chemical liquids logisticsBesides transport services, HEFAS also develops end-to-end logistics solutions for the chemicals industry: whether high-quality special products or standardized bulk products, the entire flow of goods and information is precisely controlled here from the time of departure to when it reaches its destination. About 40% of the products HEFAS carrying is dangerous goods. These products must be handled very carefully. Flexibility, safety, and sustainability and compliance with legal requirements have the highest priority at company HEFAS.  Throughout the world the high share chemicals shipped intermodal, combined with traffic shifting away from the roads and onto the railways, will lead to a significant reduction in CO2 emissions.

Since most of our company employees have more than 10 years experience in this area, We understand and assess responsibly the fact that liquid cargo transportation by tank trucks, and transportation of dangerous cargo especially, is a process requiring high professional qualification.  HEFAS can  ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your load and cistern characteristics and actual carriage possibilities and can guarantee high quality services during the course of our collaboration. HEFAS dedicates considerable time and resources for staff training and vehicles’ maintenance.  Also we work closely with VKTI to keep your liquid cargo is transported not just quickly, but also safely, following all of liquid cargo transportation rules and ADR requirements. Petroleum products, bulk chemicals and other liquids transportation require a lot of knowledge and understanding about dangerous liquids forwarding.

Chemical liquids logisticsThe need for transport of bulk liquid cargoes is constantly increasing in the market. Also there are growing demand for chemicals and oil products transportation. HEFAS IS focused on bulk chemical liquids, also oil products such as diesel or gasoline, transport to Poland, the Czech Republic and German markets. Over the past 7 years Poland imported about 3 million tonnes of diesel every year. Polish oil industry is constantly modernizing their plant and it is not only refinery capacity increases, but also consumption. This trend has survived for many years, which means that Poland is great importer of diesel and petrol. The same situation is in the other EU markets such as the Czech Republic or Germany. The main importers in Poland are EU members: Germany, Lithuania, and Latvia, and also non-European Union State of Belarus. Since Belarus is not a member of European Union, the import from Belarus to Poland is very complicated.  As a result, significant importation of diesel and fuel tank trucks for transporting liquids in the Polish market is taken by Lithuania, which annually imports about 550,000 tonnes of diesel.  So on average, there were exported about 45,000 tonnes of diesel from Lithuania per month.  The diesel is kept at excise warehouses in the Lithuanian territory and then imported by tank trucks to Poland. To sum up, HEFAS can offer various types of tank trucks designed for forwarding bulk liquids such as oil and chemical products.

HEFAS also acts in other markets such as Germany. Germany is the leader of chemical products industry. Most of the manufactured products such as shampoo, soap and other liquid detergents are transported by tank trucks to other EU markets. Variety of products, such as polymers, latex, various acids or base oils, and lubricants regularly transported to Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus and the Kaliningrad markets.

Chemical liquids logisticsApart from oil and chemical liquids transportation, HEFAS also works in the field of used oil recycling – used oil is carried by using tank trucks. Also HEFAS works in partnership with industrial alcohol manufacturers and producers of bio-diesel additives. All of these bulk liquid products require transporting by using tank trucks and containers.

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