ADR liquid logistics

UAB HEFAS is a freight forwarding company that carries bulk and liquid cargoes in specialized transport, such as tank trucks, road tankers, food tankers, chemical tankers, tank semi-trailers, containers and silo cisterns. Various ADR liquids transportation by tank trucks, carriage in cisterns, transportation of liquid loads in tank trailers is a difficult process full of responsibility. We provide a transportation service for liquids and oil products as HEFAS company activities involve only the carrying of unpacked liquid and bulk cargoes in tank trucks.

Liquid hazardous loads (ADR) must satisfy specific requirements for ADR transport. HEFAS has all necessary certificates including highly trained employees. We transport all kind of light chemicals and ADR products classes: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,8 and 9. HEFAS will make sure that vehicles are specially adapted for transport of dangerous goods. Drivers regularly have special courses needed for carrying ADR and have the all the licenses needed. We have experience in a variety of dangerous goods in the field, from food products and chemicals.

ADR liquid logisticsFor the forwarding of liquid materials and oil products there are special transport needed. We can deliver products such as: Oil, Wine, Milk, Lubricants, Biodiesel, AdBlue, Grains, Flour, Granules, Ehanol, Acids, Diluents. HEFAS provides transport such as: food tanker, non-food tanker, cistern with heating system, road tanker with heat insulation, special transport, bitumen cistern, AdBlue cistern, cistern for liquid dairy products, transportation of chocolate mass, road tankers for wine carriage, cistern for edible oil, tanker for lubricants, tank trailers for technical oil transportation, ethanol transportation, dangerous goods, ADR cistern, ADR road tanker, calibrated tankers, barrels, chemical cistern, bitumen tank truck, fuel cistern, petroleum tanker truck.

We can always guarantee the highest quality of our services of bulk liquids transportation, and it makes us the leaders among the clients. Many years of experience working with the largest European manufacturers of chemical products, regularly updated fleet with older trucks being replaced with the very latest models, latest drivers‘ trainings and special ADR courses to ensure the highest levels of reliability.

HEFAS has equipment package for a vehicle of ADR type FL, which also corresponds to the requirements of ADR type AT. ADR – Abbreviation for “The European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road” . Dangerous goods equipment according to ADR type FL requires a vehicle that transports liquids with a flashpoint of max. 61 °C. All thermally insulated tanks protect the bulk and liquid goods from undesirable environmental effects of temperature fluctuations during transportation.
HEFAS tankers‘ are thermally insulated, made up of several different sections that allow us to carry different types of products at the same time and has a heating system, which enables us to maintain cargo temperature during transport, can carry dangerous goods (ADR): spirit, alcoholic beverages; base oil, corrosive liquids, acidic liquids, brandy; vinegar, ethanol, bioethanol; denatured ethyl alcohol; methanol, petrol, diesel, kerosene; acetone; peroxide; bitumen; window detergent; antifreeze; solvents; thinners, sulphuric acid, hydrochloric acid, azotic acid; resins; paints; adhesives; pesticides; various chemical additives.
ADR liquid logisticsOur chemical tankers have pumps compresorss that can help quickly load and unload goods transported; metrologically checked to the State Metrology service of the calibration tables. International freight forwarding service of bulk liquid goods in the Baltic countries, Western Europe and the CIS countries.