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We are

HEFAS is the Company of the Lithuanian capital, established in 2009 and specializing in the field of the transportation of bulk liquid cargoes. The Company acts in whole territory of the European Union as well as in Russian and Belarusian markets. We provide services of liquid cargo transportation by tanker trucks, semi-trucks and containers to our customers.

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Our team

HEFAS (Ltd.) team is composed of the best specialists in their area, having a long-year work experience in liquids logistics, so we are confident in guaranteeing to our clients the quality service. We understand and assess responsibly the fact that liquid cargo transportation by tank trucks, and transportation of dangerous cargo especially, is a process requiring high professional qualification. So, our main aim is to stay professionals in the field during every step. We value long-term relationship not only with the clients but also with our employees, so we are trying to give every member of our team an opportunity to improve and to move up the corporate ladder. We believe, that personal competence and responsibility of each employee helps us to stay the leaders in the market and to offer the high quality services of liquid cargo transportation by tank trucks.

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Your business

Bulk liquid cargo, oil product and food product  transportation by tanker trucks or containers is a difficult process full of responsibility. When loading, carrying and unloading liquids, we often face such questions as suitable choice of a tanker truck, fair transportation conditions, marking, temperature and pressure maintenance, additional ADR requirements, the number of sections and many other questions, that the team of our employees solve every day. Our clients are oil factories or bases, factories of chemical industry, or companies selling liquid oil, chemical or food products. If to guarantee the economic activity of your company you need to transport cargo by tanker truck or container, we can help You and take the responsibility for the quality of the service. We don’t give preference to the price, we are honest and we understand that a high quality service has its price. We can always guarantee the highest quality of our services, and it makes us the leaders among the clients.

Mission and vision

HEFAS (Ltd.) was created to gather all the European and NVS country’s oil and chemical industry manufacturers, sellers, buyers and carriers to one whole and to become an inseparable part of their everyday economic activities. Company’s activity – transportation of bulk liquid cargo by tanker trucks and containers. Professionalism, responsibility, impetuosity and progressive thinking are the measures by which we secure our activities as a company. We constantly grow, improve and we are aiming at the markets of Lithuania, Europe, Russia and Belarus. We stand out from our competitors in different attitude at the liquid cargo transportation activity. The high quality of work processes, professionalism, and responsible staff, constant movement forward by offering to our clients impeccable logistic solutions. Whether you are a big combine of chemical industry, or a company selling food or chemical products, we have an aim to develop a long-term partnership. UAB HEFAS (Ltd.) aims at becoming the most attractive liquid transporting company in the Lithuanian market, which would take a firm position in foreign markets and constantly move forward, guaranteeing the highest level decisions in bulk liquid logistics, and benefit to the clients.